Better Together

Fabulous fashion. Sustainable style. Hope renewed.

I believe in the power of people coming together for the greater good. And I love fashion.

As women, our journeys have countless threads of style and strength woven together in the complicated patchwork of life. When stylish allies consign and buy fashion as an investment in looking great, feeling great, being sustainable and supporting our sisters, we make a statement that 'we are worth it'. It's a formidable win-win-win. Galvanizing our collective power, our voices are amplified, and the impact is multiplied. We are greater than the obstacles.

For those of you who don't know me personally, I spent 20+ years in the corporate sector as a marketing executive, and then, in 2007, I founded Dress for Success Columbus, where I watched 15,000 women blossom and achieve. Fashion Forward is the culmination of all of these experiences.

Read more about my empowerment journey on our blog - we are stronger together!


Cristina Angeli Owner, CA/360° BRANDWORKS

Adiya Dixon Founder & President, Yubi Beauty

Alison Goldstein

Lubna Najjar CEO, IL Moda Brand Development

Meredith Rollins editor-in-chief and content strategist


Vicki Bowen Hewes Founder

Ken Hewes President