Consignment Terms

Our Consignment Terms are similar yet distinctly different than those you'd find at other resale platforms:

1. FASHION FORWARD provides a 60% Consigner Commission as opposed to 50% - 30% offered on other resellers. Our business is founded in empowering women, and we know how much every dollar means to nonprofits.

2. FASHION FORWARD Consignment Term is 365 days as opposed to 90-120 days. We know that seasonal and specialty merchandise can sometimes take longer to sell.

The Fine Print

FASHION FORWARD is a selling platform for luxury and designer apparel and accessories to empower women. Generous Consigners agree that 100% of their sale proceeds are contributed to the nonprofit organization or women's cause of their choice following the sale of the merchandise by FASHION FORWARD. The designers, labels and retailers listed do not own or have a controlling interest in FASHION FORWARD.

Delivery of Property

Following receipt of prepaid mailing label, Consigners mail Property to FASHION FORWARD. Instructions can be found here.

Risk of Loss & Insurance

Consigner accepts all risk of loss or damage while the Property is in Consigner’s possession, including during transit. FASHION FORWARD accepts responsibility once it has taken possession of the Property.

Condition of Items

Our goal is to strengthen women's causes and FASHION FORWARD reserves the right not to accept Property that doesn't meet quality standards. FASHION FORWARD will only accept clean, stain free, undamaged, authentic items as listed on the Designers & Merchandise page.


FASHION FORWARD has a zero-tolerance policy with designer replicas. Our experienced team inspects each item to ensure authenticity and that replicas are never listed on the site. Items that are in question will be returned to the consigner prior to being listed on the site.

Consignment Period and Return of Property

The Consignment Period begins on the date the property is accepted by FASHION FORWARD and ends 365 days after; whether such Consignment Period extends beyond the term of this Agreement is determined by the Consigner and FASHION FORWARD after the initial period has expired.

The Sale

FASHION FORWARD determines the initial selling price for the Property based on its evaluation of the Property together with its determination of the current market price for each specific item. FASHION FORWARD will display on its site and make commercially reasonable efforts to sell the Property. FASHION FORWARD may offer additional discounts and promotions during the Consignment Period.

Commission Donation Payment

Upon Sale, the Net Selling Price upon which all Commissions are based equals the price of the item of Property sold less applicable discounts, excluding taxes, and shipping.

The Consigner Commission is equal to 60% of the Net Selling Price. Consigner agrees to donate 100% of their Commission to their chosen FASHION FORWARD partner nonprofit in exchange for a tax receipt from the same nonprofit. Please see our POWER PARTNERS web page for a complete list of participating nonprofits; consigners can nominate another nonprofit or cause for consideration. Consigner will be able to view sales of consigned merchandise and donated commissions on their secure CONSIGNMENT PARTNER page.

FASHION FORWARD will transfer Consigner's donation to Consigner's chosen nonprofit in Consigner's name on a monthly basis following the 14-day return period* to ensure each transaction is fully completed. Commission Donation payments are processed on the 15th day of every month for the sale period of the 1st of the previous month to the last day of the previous month. For example, payments made on July 15 will be for items sold without return June 1 - June 30.

Return Processing Related to Consignment Donation Payment*

A buyer has up to 14 days to return merchandise, and donation payments won’t begin processing until that time has elapsed. If the Consigner’s Property is returned buy the buyer for any reason to FASHION FORWARD within the 14 day return period, FASHION FORWARD will re-list the Property and adjust the price accordingly, pursuant to Consigner’s review of the adjusted price, if necessary.


Either Party may terminate this Agreement at any time, for any reason.


Consigner may not transfer or assign this Agreement.

Full Consignment Terms available for download here.