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Fashion Empowers

We unite consigners and shoppers to change lives through designer resale -- 60% of every purchase is donated to causes supporting women ▼

100 Women

Apparel and accessories purchased on Fashion Forward raised funds for 12 nonprofits and lifted 100 women and their families in six states.

Lives Changed

Women in Ohio, California, New York, Arizona, Kentucky and Missouri received critical services and resources when they needed it most.

Moms in emergency shelters are warm and protected from the cold with new winter coats.

Displaced workers strengthened their job search with virtual career training and mentoring.

At-risk immigrant women regained hope from emotional counseling and nourishing meals for their families.

Stronger United

We're inspired by consigners and shoppers who bring true purpose to their wardrobe, dedicated nonprofit partners, and sisters courageously moving forward.

Partner Nonprofits

Advisory Board

Forward Together

Now more than ever, we believe in the power of people coming together for the greater good, and we do just that -- thank you.

As women, our journeys have countless threads of style and strength woven together in the complicated patchwork of life. Through our marketplace, allies consign and purchase fashion as an investment in looking great, feeling great, being sustainable and supporting women -- a formidable win-win-win. We galvanize our collective power, our voices are amplified, and the impact is multiplied. We are greater than the obstacles

With an Advisory Board of world-class leaders to whom I'm eternally grateful, our goal for Fashion Forward is to bring true purpose to your wardrobe and create a ripple effect that carries forward -- and knowing that 100 women in six states are stronger is just the start of of what sisters can achieve together!

Forward Together!

xx - Vicki

Vicki Bowen Hewes, Founder

Style + Substance

Consigners, shoppers and advocates from across the nation lift sisters with Fashion Forward.

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