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What is Fashion Forward's return policy?

Our goal is that every customer is thrilled with their purchase. If there is a need for return,  please email us within 14 days of the shipment date to request a return. Nonprofits receive funds after this 14 day window. The item(s) must be received by Fashion Forward within 21 days of the original shipment date. If the return is not requested within 14 days, the item cannot be returned. Merchandise must be returned in the exact condition they were received. We cannot accept returned items if the Fashion Forward tag has been removed or if the item(s) have any damage.

The customer is responsible for the cost of return shipping.  Once we receive the return, please allow up to  five business days to process and five business days for the refund to be reflected in your credit card statement. We’ll notify the merchandise is received and processed. As always, please let us know if you have questions before making a purchase. 

How Is merchandise sanitized?

All merchandise we receive for consignment is sanitized. Apparel is sanitized through steaming. Shoes, handbags and accessories are sanitized through measures best suited for the material of which they are constructed. 

What does NWT mean In merchandise listings?

NWT means New With Tag. The garment is new, unworn and without flaws unless otherwise identified. 

Who consigns with Fashion Forward? Where does the merchandise come from?

The merchandise for sale on Fashion Forward comes from generous consigners, including individuals who have fabulous pieces they no longer wear and want to use to empower women, retailers who have excess inventory they want to avoid the landfill and support a cause their customers are passionate about, and nonprofits that receive items in donation and consign to raise critical funds for their organization.  We’ve carefully selected each piece, take pride in the collections offered and truly believe in the missions of our Nonprofit Power Partners.  

What is the Fashion Forward consignment percentage split?

Fashion Forward has a 60% / 40% split. The Consigner's selected nonprofit receives 60% of the final selling price and Fashion Foward maintains 40%. As an example, if an item sells for $100, the nonprofit receives $60 from Fashion Forward as a donation in the Consigner's name, and Fashion Forward retains $40. 

What's accepted for consignment?

Visit our Designers page for brands we accept. Fashion Forward only accepts authentic, stain free and damage free items.

We accept:














We do not accept:


Bathing Suits

When does a nonprofit receive the monetary donation after the sale?

Nonprofit donation payments are processed on the 15th of every month. These payments include all finalized sales from the previous month. For example, nonprofit donation payments processed September 15 include all finalized sales completed August 1 - August 31. Donation payments are processed in this manner to ensure accounting for any returns. 

How are nonprofits paid? How do they receive consigner proceeds?

We know that every dollar makes a difference for nonprofits! Nonprofits receive donation payments of consigner sale proceeds in their preferred method, either by bank check or paypal transfer. Donation payments always includes the name of the consigner so the nonprofit has the contact information to process an acknowledgement and tax receipt. 

How does the nonprofit know I consigned items to benefit their cause?

Once a consigned item sells and is received by the buyer, Fashion Forward processes the consigner donation payment and sends to the nonprofit in the consigners name. The nonprofit will send an acknowledgement / thank you / tax receipt directly to the consigner, usually via email. 

How do you authenticate merchandise?

Fashion Forward has a zero-tolerance policy for fake items. Our experienced team inspects each item to ensure every item is authentic. Each product we accept is put through a multiple-point, brand-specific authentication.

If we discover a replica item has been sold, that buyer will receive a full refund. In some cases, further appropriate action may be taken against the consigner. Fashion Forward does not accept counterfeit merchandise of any kind. If we suspect that a submitted consignment item is not authentic, we will contact the consigner for proof of purchase. Please note, brands sold are not owned, partnered or affiliated with Fashion Forward.

Who is employed at Fashion Forward?

Currently, the Fashion Forward team consists of volunteers. As we scale the business, we will employ women who are served by our nonprofit Power Partners. We have a full circle  approach to women's empowerment.

How long will Fashion Forward keep my item for sale on the site? What will you do if it does not sell after a certain period of time?

As outlined on the Consignment Terms page, the consignment agreement is for 365 days from the date merchandise is received from the consigner. This longer term is to ensure merchandise is offered for sale and marketed during a season/time period when it is most profitable to ensure nonprofits receive the greatest benefit possible. The policy also allows all categories of merchandise to be consigned throughout the year, as opposed to seasonal-limited items. If merchandise remains unsold after the 365 days, the consigner can request the items be returned or donated to a nonprofit in the Central Ohio location. 

Does Fashion Forward exclusively benefit the nonprofits listed as Power Partners?

Fashion Forward consigners select the women's nonprofit organization they want to benefit from the sale of their merchandise from those listed on the Power Partners page. If a desired nonprofit is not represented, consigners are welcome to nominate a registerd 501C3 nonprofit organization that empowers women. 

Why are consigners asked to share what they want to sell before a shipping label is provided to send items to Fashion Forward?

We are grateful for the generosity of all consigners and appreciate this information prior to shipping for several reasons; 1) we want to be sure that all merchandise aligns with brand standards to maximize the funds raised for women's empowerment; 2) some labels require authentication; 3) there may be an overstock of a certain style or size.  

Is Fashion Forward a nonprofit?

Fashion Forward is a for profit social enterprise. The organization is not a nonprofit.